Your Hunter Estate Agent in Tbilisi

What We Do

Let’s Find Your Real Estate Property In Tbilisi

Whether you are looking for a property to live in, wealth building, asset development, residential or tourism real estate development project, we find the best real estate investment opportunities, at the best price, in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.


360° Scope Of Services

We help you with every step of your real estate project in Georgia. Not only do we find and negotiate the purchase of properties for you, but we also provide help and support in all aspects of management and after-sales service. We’ll be there and willing to give you advice, not just on the property transaction of buying, selling, or renting, but on all legal and financial aspects of all real estate transactions.



Whether you want to buy a real estate property for your personal use, diversify your investment portfolio, or host to get rental income, we help you find the perfect estate property you’re looking for in the most sought-after locations in Tbilisi.



We do the deep Due Diligence on each property you would be interested in. We negotiate the property purchase, draft the purchase agreement, and help you make a hassle-free purchase till you get the official property title. 


The Leverage Of The Real Estate Loan

We specialize in providing the best and most innovative financial solutions to purchase real estate properties we mine in Tbilisi. We specialize in obtaining bank real estate loans at the lowest rates for our foreign clients. Our In-House Lawyer takes care of all the administrative burdens to negotiate and get the best loan rates with the best banks in Georgia.


Buy A Property In Tbilisi With Cryptocurrency 

We help you on every step of your real estate crypto-purchase in Georgia. We facilitate cryptocurrency real estate transactions on behalf of buyers and sellers. For this purpose, we create a collaborative environment that allows the seller, buyer, real estate agent, and financial institutions to work together more efficiently. A Simple, Efficient, Fast, And Secure Purchase Process. 


Renovation At The Right Price

Do you want to achieve beautiful, functional, and comfortable spaces? We walk you through the renovation and furnishing process from empty to rental ready. According to your needs and wishes, our in-house architects and home designers will conduct the study and evaluate the renovation and transformation work costs to achieve excellence for your home. 


Your Property Manager 

Hire us and find great value in having the help of our property management services. We manage your real estate property on Airbnb § Booking daily on your behalf. We keep your property and its presence looking professional and luxurious on and off-line with regular updates and proactive audits to ensure you and your guests stay happy.